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Sheri & Misty Saldivar

Who is Cascadia Eyewear?

  • We are a working practice manager and optician, Sheri and Misty Saldivar. We do not have shareholders to support and drive up costs.
  • We created Cascadia Eyewear to solve a problem, frames cost too much and we couldn’t compete unless we could buy better. We are not a budget line (even though our prices match low-end lines).
  • How do we offer great frames at such low prices?  First, we don’t have a large profit margin–no shareholders, salesmen or middlemen to support.  All our money goes into frame materials, design and delivery. Second, we keep things simple, and spend on quality not frills. 
  • Many of our frame styles were designed by us, right here in Bellingham, Washington, and are EXCLUSIVE to Cascadia Eyewear. We are not a fad/trend line–we know we have to sell through what we design/order, so it better relate to more than a trendy few!
  • We are an indy eyewear line– owned, designed, procured, distributed by two women. Patients like to support businesses like us more than an unknown brand name–by supporting us, they will support you.

A conversation with Sheri and Misty…

What drove you to start a frame line?

“As an Administrator/Optician of an eye care practice in NW Washington State, I struggled with the challenge of purchasing quality, right-priced frames that didn’t make us just another store with the same inventory as all the other stores. We were having trouble simply competing because we were perceived as too expensive. As a response, I adopted the philosophy that I would not carry any frame line unless I could, with a clear conscience, tell my customers why each frame costs what it does and what that means to them in terms of added value. I also vowed to support local brands when possible and always support independents. This was a hard philosophy to support due to high wholesale prices, and nearly impossible given the frame industry climate. My only choice was to build my own!”

How did you know what to do or how to do it?

“I did a lot of research! I took college courses, and Misty and I traveled around the world to learn all we could about frames.  Where and how they are made, why they cost what they do, how to import, how to get better prices. The result — Cascadia Eyewear.  We found if we took the risk, did the hard work and ordered in quantity, we could create for our patients beautiful, quality INDEPENDENT eyewear that was priced RIGHT”.

How can others join you?

“We do not endeavor to be like or try to compete with any of the big names, the ones who actually drive the high wholesale costs you may consider normal. Since we are an independent, family-owned company, we do not need to make huge profits off the sale of frames to satisfy shareholders. We can offer them to our colleagues at surprisingly better prices than anyone is giving you now. Like you, all we want is access to quality, stylish frames at a reasonable cost. So we can keep our patients and keep our practices profitable and growing. Period. To do this we declared our independence from Luxottica and the rest! And we invite you to join the movement.

Perhaps you don’t have the time, inclination or stomach for risk that I had. Great news for you. I already did it for you. What’s the catch? In order for me to get these great prices and be able to design exclusive eyewear I have to order a minimum of 300 per model. It’s hard for one practice to sell through 300 of one model, so my excess is your good fortune. This truly is a unique opportunity for independent practices who want to carry wonderful, affordable frames with a story. Be a part of the story. Be independent. Contact us today for your Cascadia Eyewear collection. 

Our goal and promise to you is to work tirelessly to design and procure frames real people actually wear at a price point that allows you to enjoy a fair profit and retain your customer base. You can offer something that has value and style at a fair price. We invite you to share our story with your patients so they know their purchase supports small, independent businesses who do not ‘feed the machine”.


Sheri and Misty Saldivar

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